fredag 4 mars 2016

We Finns can make a snowy winter day extreme fun!!

I have the honor to present something very special.
We Finns can make a snowy winter day extreme fun!!

I don't normally go on sports events.
But now in this last year I have visited two events!

Swamp soccer in the summer, and now... .........Snow soccer.
Both of them titled world championships.


Snow soccer world championships in Ukkohalla 6.2.2016

About 60 teams playing on snow fields on the lake Syväjärvi.

Teams that played for pleasure and those who were looking for the gold medal.

Very interesting to follow people playing soccer in deep snow.

 A lot of different styles, a pleasure for a photographer.

Some teams were dressed really funny.

Ice under new snow made it a little worse to play.

Teams traveled as far as from Saint-Petersburg.

 A cheerleader has to use all kind of gear.

A hard fight. 
The goalkeeper try to catch the ball.

Please enjoy a Såka photographers observations of joy, 
fun, seriousness, blood, sweat and snow!!

I did! 

The ladies winning team in action.

Somewhere in the nowhere, it's happening wild things.

Play, and you don't need to freeze.

A major goal kick ......

Ukkohalla, where everything is possible.

 What a great day in the Winterlandia!!

Her you find photos from swamp soccer last summer;


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